Hey guys,

I know that question's been asked millions of time but I haven't really found an answer to my issue. Or lack of better terms I didn't know how to search it in google. haha

I know I can backup the application data through certain apps in Cydia or just plain iTunes but what I'm wondering is backing up JUST the Applications data.

I want to unjailbreak mine for the time being but still be able to restore my application data (like game scores, or certain progress in a learning applications, and such)

But I know if I back up using iTunes and restore it, all the jailbroken files will still be restored (like Cydia, hidden files, etc.) and if I took the appBackup (or any of the backing application data application) from Cydia root, I'd still need to re-jailbreak to restore all the app data, when I don't want to jailbreak.

I do have a 'clean' backup (pre-jailbroken) that I made about 2months ago but as you know a lot can happen within two months and I have a lot of stuff that I don't want to lose

Are there any ways I can accomplish this?

I hope the question made sense Thanks and god bless ya!