Let's start off by saying that I know all the deal about 3.1, 3.0 and the ECIDs and SHSH and all that stuff so don't tell me to search the forum for answers. I've been jailbreaking the iphone os since the 74 step method was out.

I'm in need of help. Like the title said, i'm in a weird situation. I threw my 3Gs into the wall and my GPS has been flaky every since, so i decided to go to the genius bar and get a replacement. The phone that I smashed was already jailbroken at 3.0 and then to 3.1 when it happened. Now let's get to the point. Before i replaced my 3gs for a new one, i backed up all my data with itunes. Since the replacement 3Gs phone that i got came with 3.1FW already on it, will installing a custom FW work if i restored the replacement 3Gs with the backed up data from my old 3Gs was on it?

to make things more simple, here is what i wrote, in steps.
-got the replacement with 3.1 FW
-backed up the replacement phone with all the data that was on my original 3Gs that was jailbroken.
-now the replacement 3Gs has all the info and data from my old 3Gs
the question is...
will the replacement 3Gs hold the files that the custom 3.1 firmware need to jailbreak my replacement 3Gs.

thanks in advance for future replies!