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Thread: No longer receiving VM notifications, think they stopped after JB

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    Default No longer receiving VM notifications, think they stopped after JB
    I just noticed today that I'm no longer receiving any notifications at all of a new voicemail, text on the screen, a red dot on the icon, or listed in the voicemails. In fact, when I go to play the greeting on my phone I get a message that says "Voicemail Unavailable - Unable to connect. Try again later."

    I checked my vm the old fashioned way and found that I had three sitting in there.

    Is this a symptom of my recent Jail Break? Any ideas at all? I did a search but honestly, couldn't find this specific issue (I just found a bunch of people looking for VVM on an unlocked phone running on another network, or VVM not working on a phone with no iPhone data plan). I'm running a 3GS phone on AT&T.

    EDIT: Since this post I have tried both suggestions in this article to no avail.
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    I thought for sure someone would have an answer for me by now. What a bummer.

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    I had the same problem after JB. I talked to AT&T and had them reset my VMM. Didn't work. Try using a different FW and re-jailbreak your phone. Check your private messages.

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    same thing happened to me. any advise?

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    Well thanks for trying mahgninnuc93 but as I stated in the OP I'm using a 3GS, and the link you sent me via pm very clearly states that that fix won't work on a 3GS.

    Back to square one, really does no one have a solution for this?!?

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    I had same problem. Called AT&T and they walked me through a lengthly process including removing sim, resetting on their end etc. That didn't fix it. The fix ended up being removing the tethering profile. Once I deleted it, VM was working again.

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    How do I delete my tethering profile? Also, if AT&T knows I've jailbroken my phone, do they get mad?

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    It's under settings, general. You should see a profile tab, in it will be the tethering APN. Just delete it. You can always add it back if that doesn't solve the problem, but it did for me. You might have to reboot your phone for it to take affect. You might also have to have AT&T reset your VM after the profile is removed.

    I don't know if AT&T had the ability to monitor tethering usage on 3.0 or 3.0.1, I used it quite a bit and never had a problem but I know on 3.1 there is now tethering usage statistics, so it's quite possible they are monitoring. I read somewhere that AT&T is planning to allow tethering in the near future for a price.

    I don't think AT&T cares if you jailbreak your phone, just don't expect any support whatsoever if you screw it up. They will make you replace it at full cost.

    Hope this helps.

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    Sparkyman, I don't have tethering turned on nor have I ever used it. That said, I don't even have a profile to delete. I want to call AT&T but still don't know the answer to the question about their feelings on jailbreaking.

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    You don't need to tell em it's JB, just tell them your VM isn't working. But, I have a feeling if you're not already on 3.1, they're going to tell you upgrade.

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    I called AT&T, lied and told them I'm on 3.1, we went through all the troubleshooting, and no joy. I've been kicked up to the next level and someone will call me (supposedly) when they think they've fixed the issue. In the meantime there has to be a way to fix this if other 3GS users who are jailbroken have working VMM.

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    i had the exact problem. i would get calls with VM, but no notifications on my blackra1n JB 3G. i went into settings/general/profile/ATT. i just removed the ATT profile. after removing the profile ATT, the profile field also disappeard. then a few secs later my notifications turned back on telling me i had 12 voicemails.

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