Ok, so I had apple replace my iphone 3gs for dropped call / reception issues after sim card exchanges ect. that I honestly think are unrelated to anything.

That being said, purplera1n users, beware... I think that purplera1n (the method used) could possibly corrupt your baseband and give you similar issues to what I've run in to lately.

My question is:

I know there are tons of guides out there... but things are getting dated and it's hard to keep track of the steps going back in time.

Can someone list the steps or links to the tutorials in order to what I have to do in order to jailbreak this new baby?

Things I want to do, just not sure in which order or how...

- Get my ECID
- get my signed iBSS and iBEC (preferably with another method than the /tmp folder method with 3.1 being out)
- save a copy of my 3.0 ISPW
- secure future jailbreaks
- secure future downgrades
- secure my firmware
- jailbreak my phone
- restore my phone if possible (I did after all get a replacement phone however if that would result in not being able to downgrade even after collecting all the files / setting itunes to sauriks server ect. [even though he doesnt have my ssh blob] then a sync would work just as well.)

I understand that cydia is no longer taking the signed SSH blobs to saurik's server so I need to generate my own. I've done it before with 3.1 but honestly can't remember how I did it.

If I end up updating to 3.1 it's all over so I figured I'd ask some of the more experienced persons here first before I went out to do anything on my own.

Thanks in advance,