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Thread: Need to restore 3GS 3.0 for serivice etc.

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    Default Need to restore 3GS 3.0 for serivice etc.
    I think I am doing ok because I have not yet upgraded to 3.1 so I am hoping that someone can help me out here. I have a 3GS that I jailbroke with redsn0w (the most recent version as of 9/15/09) Firmware rev is 3.0.1. I have some issues with the phone and I want to have someone at the ATT store have a look at it. The compass no longer works, GPS does not work because location has stopped working and the battery is dying way too fast. The phone is a mere month old and none of these issues have anything to do with the fact that the phone is jailbroken (I dont think) but obviously before I can get someone to address these issues for me I need to restore. Everything I have read tells me not to try to restore because it will cause me to have to update to 3.1. I suppose I could just update and get it looked at and then just wait till a jailbreak for 3.1 comes out, but through all my research I get the idea that I should avoid updating if at all possible. I know that I missed getting my ECID SHSH stored with Cydia but I guess my question is will there be another chance to get my ECID stored somewhere so that I can restore and or downgrade in the future if I need to. I get the idea that if I upgrade without storing that info I will never have the option again. I guess I dont totally understand this ECID SHSH thing. The cutoff that I missed had to do with action Apple took. Right now I am being patient and dealing with the issues until I am certain that I have made the best choice with how to proceed. I am pretty sure I am SOL and just have no choice but to upgrade at this point but if there is any way to avoid that please share it with me. I know it is a long post, I just wanted to give the whole story. Any advice would be greatly aprreciated and please let me know if you need more info that I have not provided in order to help me. Thanks!

    Ok I think I found the answer for myself. Please advise if I am incorrect.
    I have to upgrade. I should request to store my ECID SHSH so that I can maintain 3.1 but as far as maintaining 3.0.1 I am SOL. Unless I just leave the phone as is forever I have to upgrade. That sound about right?
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    Yup. And yeah you will need to restore to take it to Apple (ATT wont look at it at all) and IF its a defective (cant be fixed with a restore) then they are going to swap the phone anyways, and no telling what firmware will be on it.

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    Is there some way to avoid updating the code on the baseband as I have been reading about. I have no need to unlock the phone presently but who knows in the future plus I read that if I can keep the phone unlockable the resale value will be higher. So can I upgrade to 3.1 but maintain the ability to unlock?

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    No. Not until (and only maybe then) 3.1 is jailbroken.

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    Thank you very much btw.
    So are you saying that there is absolutely no reason for me to wait any longer to upgrade to 3.1? That's disappointing but I guess that's life. I thought that I had done well by not updating but I had missed the chance to store my ECID before I even bought the phone. So there is no way to avoid upgrading the baseband?

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    There are ways of storing your ECID on your own server, and using that. It may be an option for you. Dont really know the process (as mine is stored) but there is a thread or two about it here somewhere.

    Otherwise, no your stuck. Either live with it acting up or restore to 3.1 and take it in.

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