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Thread: Need someone to varify this

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    Default Need someone to varify this
    Hi, like many I got the iphone 3G[S] with OS 3.1 installed.
    It's factory unlocked, in the sense I can use any mobile service provider in the world, and am not tied to any specific carrier.

    Now I've been reading, a lot of **** out there on the net, so I need some confirmation that what I got right now is the correct:

    1. I can't unlock the piece.

    With this you mean, I won't unlock the phone to use other mobile service providers? But as I can use any service carrier this shouldn't effect me right?
    Or in other words, I shouldn't care?

    2. I can still jailbreak the 3.1 OS.
    So from reading, I've understood that I can't unlock it, but you can jailbreak the 3.1 OS on 3G[S]. Or did the baseband update in the new version put a stop to using unofficial file "markets" (forgot the english word for it, but you get it I hope) too?

    3. I need to get my ECID file and SHSH stored using the process described in the guides.

    As OS 3.1 might be the last known crackable version we'll know for some good time. And it's unknown when and if there will be other versions in the future. I don't want to wait.

    Thanks for your help people.
    Much obliged!

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    1. Since you bought your 3GS Officially Unlocked by Apple, then you should not care/worry about unlocking. Just pop in the sim and youre good!

    2. As of this moment, 3GS cannot be jailbroken on 3.1 yet!

    3. Yes!
    iPhone 4 32GB. Jailbroken!

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    1. with a factory unlocked phone, you don't have to give a damn
    2. you can WHEN a jailbreak is released. currently, there is non that works with 3GS 3.1
    3. you don't need to get the ECID SHSH. you should get it though, cause it allows you to restore to 3.1. and if 3.2 is released, and you screw up your phone and need to restore, that might come in handy.
    oh, and it hasn't really something to do with it being a crackable version. future versions will be jailbreakable as well. but imagine that 3.2 is released. now it might take a few weeks until a jailbreak is released, and apple will prevent restores to 3.1. if you screw up your phone, you can only restore to 3.2, which will leave you unjailbroken until a jailbreak is released. if you have your SHSH on file, you can restore to 3.1, jailbreak, and wait for the 3.2 jailbreak :-)

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    Thanks for the replies.

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