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Thread: brand new 3gs 3.0.1 - what to do

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    Default brand new 3gs 3.0.1 - what to do
    I have just unpacked my new iphone 3gs I got in the mailbox.
    It is a 3.0.1, but what shall I do now,
    since I just got it, and the Cydia function to store that ESH or what its called is not available, can I unlock/jailbreak this one?

    I heard from a friend that I will need to connect to Itunes to get the phone to work at all, but he also told me it will force an upgrade to 3.1 and refuse to "sign" 3.0.1 it came from factory with?. is that true?

    So can anyone give me a hint on what to do with this phone, or am I screwed even though it has 3.0.1 on it, but has not been "setup" before 3.1 came out?


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    you can jailbreak and unlock it, but there is a big BUT. first of all, you need to activate the phone. if you have an original, working simcard that came with your phone, just put that simcard in, connect it to itunes until the phone says it's activated -> done. after that you can jailbreak via redsn0w (available for windows and mac, tutorials available at and unlock by installing ultrasn0w from cydia (tutorial on as well). if you do not have an original simcard (or you need to make a contract to get the simcard working, like in the US), put in your own simcard, then run redsn0w on the phone. it will then activate and jailbreak the phone, but if you can activate it through itunes you should do that instead of let redsn0w do it.
    now for the BUT, and it's a big one, believe me: it's possible that you can never go to a firmware higher than 3.0.1 and if you ever screw up the phone and it needs to be restored, you are in deep trouble. the reason for this is: apple doesn't allow restores to 3.0 and 3.0.1 anymore. if you want to go to 3.1, you must have a custom firmware because apple's normal firmware breaks your unlock (probably forever). you can only create a functional, custom firmware if you have your iBEC and iBSS. but you can only get those if you restore your phone. since you can only restore to 3.1 ... you see the problem here?

    be VERY careful with your phone as long as no new unlock for a firmware higher than 3.0.1 is developed. seriously, do not screw your phone up!

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    It worked like a charm!

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