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Thread: need help with the basics...please

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    Default need help with the basics...please
    I have an iPhone 2G (before 3G) that is jailbroken and unlocked with 3.0.1 on it. I can find the procedure for upgrading to 3.1 but not sure how iTunes fits into the procedure: do I upgrade the iTunes to 9.0.1 first? Should iTunes be closed while I am jailbreaking/unlocking anew? Of course I would like everything that's on my iPhone now to be on the newly unlocked/jailbroken iPhone --(I have Aptbackup iPhone app and hope that will restore my Cydia apps (will it?) but less sure about App Store apps.... Is there a procedure list called "Unlocking and Jailbreaking iPhones for Dummies"?

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    I think you mixed some stuff up.
    the only way to JB 3.1 is PwnageTool. PwnageTool creates a custom firmware, it doesn't matter if itunes is running while you create that firmware. after that, you need to restore to that firmware in itunes (alt+restore (mac) or shift+restore (windows) in itunes).

    can't say if aptbackup works, never used it, it probably should. appstore apps and their savegames are backed up by itunes. after the restore itunes will ask you if you want to restore from backup. do that and everything should be back as it was before (if itunes didn't screw it up).

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    A jailbreak for 3.1 is only available for Mac machines right now. We also believe that there will be another firmware update coming in a few days so perhaps you should wait for a while before updating your phone and new jailbreaks become available for both OS's.
    As far as restoring your Cydia apps, yes AptBackup works pretty well for most. There is also a package in Cydia called PkgBackup that most feel is much better at this, you may want to read about it.
    As far as tutorials there are many to be found, has some great ones as well as our forum. Do a simply search and you can find tons of info.

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    Default starting to understand....
    Thanks for the info. I will wait for forthcoming update and then wait for new Pwnage to JB (assume it also unlocks or keeps the unlock at the same time). So only question I still have now is: at what point do I update iTunes to 9.1 (or whatever)?

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