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Thread: Specific Instructions Needed For Specific Problems

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    Default Specific Instructions Needed For Specific Problems
    I need specific instructions (for Windows OS) on how i should go about upgrading my wife's 3G. I've jailbroken and unlocked (for t-mobile) both of our iPhones a few times, however she's still running fw 2.2. Part of the problem is that her phone detects wifi networks but cannot connect to any of them for some reason. this just started happening a few months ago, so i'm hoping that reformatting the phone will fix this issue. Since she cannot connect to my home network, i can't use WinSCP to SSH into her phone to backup her address book.

    So to summerize:
    problem #1 is how to retrieve her contacts (AddressBook.sqlitedb file) via USB since i can't SSH to the phone.

    problem #2 is that i need to do a complete reformat of her 3G (again running fw 2.2).

    problem #3 is that since 3.1 isn't unlockable yet, how can I jailbreak and unlock her 3G to the last UNLOCKABLE version fw (again, for t-mobile)?

    i'll also need to know which iTunes version to get since she has an older version of that on her comp so i'll need to upgrade that as well.

    If i f*** this up, my wife will kill please be specific on programs and versions for this jailbreak and unlock.

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    If you have synced her phone in iTunes her contacts will return when you sync again after the update.
    Use iTunes 8.2 or 8.2.1 and update to 3.0 or 3.0.1 both unlockable.
    Use redsn0w 8 to jailbreak and ultrasn0w from Cydia to unlock.

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    thanks blk, but if i want to completly wipe her phone clean and start it from scratch, isn't it best to not restore once the update is done, and instead create it as a new phone in itunes?

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    Yup , but u won't get contacts and such , that is why I use ZYB sync , so I can use fresh install and get my contacts back

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    Quote Originally Posted by razor99x View Post
    thanks blk, but if i want to completly wipe her phone clean and start it from scratch, isn't it best to not restore once the update is done, and instead create it as a new phone in itunes?
    even if you restore as new phone, it will still sync the contacts over. I think it just needs to be labeled the same iphone as it was before. (I think)

    The only difference between setup as new, and restore from backup is that you lose all your settings, text's, call log, etc, etc. But all your apps, music, contacts, will sync up directly with itunes.

    So for an "detailed" explanation on what to do..

    Download itunes 9, assuming you already have it (some people say use older versions of itunes, but I haven't had any issues upgrading 2.* devices up to 3.* devices, but every situation could be different)

    sync your wifes cell up, be sure everything you want on the "fresh" restore is checked and synced up in the "info" tab. (calendars, contacts, etc)

    Download 3.0.1 ipsw, and the 3.0 ipsw. (be sure not to be using safari)

    Hold shift (could be another key, i don't have a windows computer so i dunno, be sure to double check), click restore in itunes, point it towards the 3.0.1. wait for about 15 minutes.

    the iphone should be at the activation screen.

    Launch redsn0w .8, point it at the 3.0 ipsw, it will say waiting for reboot, do something, then say waiting for reboot again. unplug the cable FROM THE PHONE, and plug it back in really quick (should only be a split second that its out), then the phone will display a white screen. your good to go, just let it do its thing.

    hopefully now her wifi works, if it does add the ultrasn0w repo, download ultrasn0w, reboot, reset network settings, then your done!
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!

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