Just unsure about some things:

1) The iClarified tutorial (iClarified - iPhone - How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 3GS on OS 3.0.x Using RedSn0w (Windows)) mentions doing a Restore before jailbreaking. I understand that this is not necessary but helps save wasted space. Since a restore to 3.0 is no longer possible, are there any other techniques I can use to save this wasted space?

2) Jailbreaking now is risky because if anything goes wrong, I'll have to restore to 3.1 which is currently unbreakable. This also irreversibly upgrades the baseband firmware. With that in mind, isn't it better to wait until (a) there is a jailbreak available for 3.1 (b) there is a tool to update the firmware to 3.1 without upgrading the baseband firmware?

3) Is there any risk in waiting until the above tools come out? Could apple close even more holes?

4) There's not much info about if/when a 3.1 jailbreak will be available for 3GS. Is it possible that Apple have closed all the holes (on 3GS at least)?