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Thread: iPhone 3GS JB Question

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    Default iPhone 3GS JB Question
    For if this is an answered question already but couldnt find anywhere in the forum.

    Im on an 3gs with 3.0 jailbroken, waiting for 3.1 JB to come out.. Is there anything at the moment I need to do to prep for it when it comes out or should I just leave it be until something official happens??

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    Read this: 'Future-proofing the 3GS Jailbreak' (Currently Post 2 on that page)

    And then read this: Caching Apple's Signature Server - Jay Freeman (saurik)

    Thats the best prep.

    I am sure it won't be long till the JB is out for 3.1

    I think the main thing about the above lot is not permanently losing the carrier unlock and potentially losing the ability to JB.

    I am in the same position as you - 3GS, 3.0.1 jailbroken and waiting for a JB for 3.1 before making any moves.


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    hold off, 3.1 is so lag ridden its not even worth the upgrade. i have a friends 3gs with 3.1 here, my 3gs with 3.0, my girlfriends 3g with 3.1 and my spare 3g with 3.0 here for comparison. my 3.0 3gs is fastest of the bunch followed by my spare 3g. the 3.1 phones both have problems with safari hanging, wifi on the 3g has gotten even slower in 3.1. the 3.1 3gs freezes randomly, sometimes you can't slide to the next page of apps. its safe to say apple have a bit of work to do on this firmware revision. so unless you really need to use the new features in itunes 9, there is no reason to even want this version of iphone os. i'm just happy i never updated.

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    Good to know thx. I was looking forward to using that voice over but o well

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