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ok so what i did first was pasted the whole XPwn-0.5.7-win32 folder on my desktop.
then i launched CMD prompt
and typed in the directory of the location of the folder on the desktop.
so in this case it would be: cd C:UsersTrayanDesktopXPwn-0.5.7-win32
it will automatically take you into this folder
then you type: idevice <nameofthecustomfirmware.ipsw> <n82ap> without the arrows and make sure you have the custom firmware in the folder then makesure your device is in DFU mode and itunes and ituneshelper are not running in the task manager
press enter
then follow the instructions idevice should crash and the screen should turn white

then fire up itunes and restore with the custrom firmware
Confirmed that work for me too.