I can do it without upgrading to the 3.1

Here is my story:

I went to go update to stealths ipcc via SSH, i downloaded the carrier bundle and I went to follow the directions on how to ssh it to my phone.
I went ahead and placed the carrier file into
/System/Library/Carrier Bundles
after deleting the original one there

then as i was navigating through to do the same in here
/var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles

i noticed that i dont even have a Carrier bundles folder in my /var/mobile/Library/directory, only in the system library directory

so i got a question: is there something missing on my phone then?

Then to make things better
Last night my phone was at 90% and I put it on the charger for the night, when i woke up my phone was hot (hot like after a few hours of usage) and my battery was at 34% and dropping when i went to unlock it, this is all while it was charging and it had the charging icon and everything.

so I decided to do a reboot and it got stuck at the apple logo for over 20 mins ( i took a shower and came back), the phone died a lil after so I started to charge it again, and again it was stuck at the apple logo.
the only way i got my phone to start working again is holding home and power to do a 'hard restart', after that my phone turned on like normal (so far)

I am not sure if there is a thread for restoring a 3g to a new phone without upgrading to the new 3.1, i know there are some threads about restoring pre 3.1 launch though.

I am debating on whether or not to do a restore or not?
all this to try to get mms and tethering to work lol and the crap part is that mms still doesnt work lol

Current setup
3g 8gig 3.0.1 JB using redsnow
5.0 carrier
itunes 9.0
i got the 3.1 fw downloaded but not installed and i have the 3.0 fw on my computer as well for when i JB my phone the first time.

Sorry for the huge back story, and thanks for any help