Hi im after a bit of help

I have been running a 3GS jailbroken without any issues until last week. When everytime i would sync the Other bit in itunes would grow by about 2.5GB

It got to around 16 GB and then i started to have issues. I couldnt see what was causing it. So rather than try a restore, i did a erase all media and settings on the iphone.

However this didnt seem to work and i was stuck with an iphone in restore mode.

Ive tried today and failed to get my iphone restored correctly.

I have not upgraded it to 3.1

I am on itunes 8.1 (and have tried 8.2) to try and solve this issue too but 8.2 connects to the servers.

I cant get the phone to restore. I get either a 1600 error or a 21 error everytime. Ive tried a few different ways around it but no success.

Ive even tried using a usb hub to connect the iphone.

Does anyone have any ideas of what i could try next.

Im runing mac snow lepoard too.

Im hoping that i have other options rather than upgrade to 3.1 because thats pretty terminal.