I am looking for jailbreak software that does the following (this is from an Android app called dgAway). I have tried all of the Whitelists and Blacklists apps but they do not achieve this feature.

Top 5 Most Clever Android Apps For Your T-Mobile G1

dgAway Allows you to set more detailed specifications for handling SMS messaging, incoming calls, quick responses, and other miscellaneous settings. You can use this app to forward messages, assign a forwarding number, and apply an auto response message for incoming messages. The call settings permit the same functions. That is to assign an automated text message to a chosen number when a call is received and send a text message to the caller automatically. Quick responses enable you to send preset messages after a missed or declined incoming call. Other miscellaneous settings include the ability to notify yourself when a dgAway message is sent, setting a time delay to wait before an auto response is sent to the same person again, and the ability to enable message logging to appear in the default Messaging application.
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