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Thread: My OS is gone

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    Unhappy My OS is gone
    HELP PLEASE... i tried to jailbreak & unlock my white 16gb iphone 3gs 3.0 using redsn0w 0.8.. after running redsn0w, my OS was gone.. it only shows the cydia & icy icons, the usual menu was gone.. i can't restore it thru itunes, it says "this device isn't eligible for the requested build". and i don't want to upgrade to 3.1.

    how can i bring back my precious fone back to life.. is there a way to restore my OS without itunes. i'm only using this for 2 days. can't bring it back to the store coz this unit came from the US..


    update: i run redsn0w again selecting cydia only and still no luck.. now only the cydia icon appears on my iphone..
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    Default same problem with missing icons in 3gs 3.0
    im in same boat.

    I have:
    old 3G on 3.0 (jailbroken)
    new 3gs on 3.0 (jailbroken)

    I got the stupid idea to restore my old 3g 3.0 profile from itunes into my new 3gs and then it rebooted after restoring the profile.

    now ALL icons are gone (ipod, settings, sms - EVERYTHING) except for Cydia and Icy

    it also connects my wi-fi (I can see the wi-fi symbol in top of the screen)

    but when I try to open icy or cydia it just pops up and closes within 1 sec..
    seems like it cant load anything..

    I have gone into recovery-mode and used IphoneBrowser to get my ECID number, but since i can't launch Cydia - I cant click the "Make my life easier"


    I tried deleting the springboard file through IphoneBrowser, but it just created a new file with no changes at restart..
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    i guess we'll have to wait until a solution for our problem comes out.. please let me know of any updates..

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    You may have to just take the jump and stay on 3.1 till the jb comes out if you want to use your phone. If you had your 3GS before and clicked on the make my life easier when it was up then you could use Suarik's way with editing the hosts. But in order to use your phones for now you will probably just have to restore to 3.1 and wait.

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    Default found a solution to the missing icons
    hello again..

    Im happy!

    I found a solution to get my icons back!!! [ame=""]I got the inspiration from here[/ame]

    it turned out that my jailbroken 3GS with 3.0 had deleted its own applications (because I did the stupid "erase all content & settings"

    So the solution for me is:

    I grabbed my old jailbroken 3G with 3.0 and popped it in IphoneBrowser, copied the different folders from /Applications/

    (some of the folders are like this:,,,, MobileNotes)

    I then grabbed my 3GS and popped it in IphoneBrowser and opent the folder /Applications/ which was empty!!
    then I copied the folders as mentioned above to this empty folder

    it took 10mins because of alle the small files..

    but after a reboot the apps where back!!

    I was missing calculator, mail, settings, sms, ipod, appstore - EVERYTHING was missing - except Cydia

    Now I have everything back!! wuuhuuu..

    best regards from Denmark to all people with same error..

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