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Thread: I want to restore my iPhone 3G, but not upgrade to 3.1 - can I do this

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    Default I want to restore my iPhone 3G, but not upgrade to 3.1 - can I do this

    I am on iPhone software 3.01 (jailbroken & unlocked)

    But I bought the phone off of eBay and it has all the oldusers data on it. And Itunes won't let me sync.

    Is there any way I can get it back to a state where I can Sync with iTunes, through re-jailbreaking or other method.

    Another forum mentioned manually downloading 3.0 and pressing the shift key to force iTunes to use that instead - see here iPhone 3G 16GB won't sync -

    But I don't fancy that incase iTunes ignores me and goes ahead with the 3.1 install

    Thanks if anyone can assist

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    Do what the other forum said... it works

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    Cheers, can you confirm that it is the Shift key to press (I'm on a Mac and used to a PC)

    And can you provide a good link for the 3.0 fw, I don't want to install some dodgy version/virus that some goon has put out there to brick peoples iphones


    And also as a footnote from looking around the forum, I have noticed that some users are saying that iTunes 9 puts a block on it and to go back to 8.2. Although it is not 100% clear whether this is just for the 3GS
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    It is the shift key...even on a MAC.

    I like this page for FW: iPhone Firmwares download | iPhone Firmware

    Stay clear of iTunes 9!
    Do hope that helps


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    option key on a mac

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    Thanks for the help thus far. I believe I have done everything successfully, it even went through the redsn0w procedure on the phone. But no Icy or Cydia icons show up and the phone is still locked

    Also iTunes is showing the phone as unactivated and telling me to insert an appropiate sim

    May be worth mentioning I used iTunes 9, but disconnected LAN to stop it installing the latest firmware

    Also, although the screen has gone back to original state, some old apps are already on there.

    Further update, taken Sim out, iTunes showing version 3.0 still. But Sync still not working

    Maybe I will try in Windows version

    Another update, trying "erase all data and settings" now, says about 2 hours. Lets see if that works

    Still no joy, that's twice I have tried with redsn0w, 2 fails. The phone is now stuck at the Itunes and usb connection screem. In iTunes it says no valid sim card inserted. Please help
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    Not an expert but i have a post on the redsn0w forum tonight. i have just reinstalled 3.0 on a 3g using itunes 8 - downloaded firmware 3.0 redsn0w and ultrasn0w.

    I had the incorredt sim card message within itunes after restore but just ran redsn0w and all went as should.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi mate, you couldn't post a link could you, just so I make sure I get the right one. Just about had a gutful of this - not my vision of an itunes experience!

    I have just updated back to 3.0, using the shift key/option key method, will take it from there

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    Thanks, only just realised that you meant on this forum, been googling for the redsn0w forums!

    Fingers crossed
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    lol - good luck

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    Still no flipping joy. It hasn't even found the network from the start. Think it will have to be returned to the seller, it may be down to some random issue that blights technology every now and then - sync it up to the original computer and everything could be fine and dandy.

    It's a shame, I was looking forward to the iPhone and the seller has impeccable feedback (as do I)

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