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Thread: Need some some help before I do something wrong

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    Default Need some some help before I do something wrong
    I'm getting a factory unlocked iphone 3GS shipped to me from my aunt in australia. It should be here tuesday or wednesday. SO, my questions is, assuming it has FW 3.0 or 3.0.1 in it right now, can I jailbreak it using redsnow? Or, just use it without jailbreaking and wait for the 3.1 to be jailbroken by the dev team then upgrade and then jailbreak. Or, just go ahead and upgrade to 3.1 and jailbreak when it's available? I dont have to worry about unlocking to use with tmobile since it's factory unlocked and I can upgrade while it's still unlocked, just wondering about the jailbreak.

    Thanks in advance

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    You can use the current redsnow to jailbreak it when you get it. Then open Cydia and store our ECID info when asked for it so that when 3.1 becomes jailbreakable you will be able to. If you upgrade to 3.1 right away you might possibly jeopardize your ability to jailbreak.

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    alright, will do that. Can I use redsnow if it is 3.0.1 FW?
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    U should be able to

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    Ok, so i've been reading for the past couple hours and tell me if I got this right. If the phone is 3.0 or 3.0.1 I can still Jailbreak with redsnow and use the 3.0 ispw file. Then I just go into Cydia and get the ECID from there? From the looks of it, seems like cydia needs to contact the apple server to get the ECID and that isn't possible now with the 3gs? How do I go about getting the IBSS and IBEC or ECID now?

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