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Thread: New to jailbreaking...

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    Default New to jailbreaking...
    Read the FAQ, I have 2.2 firmware, so I will jailbreak the iPod touch soon. But now im thinking what's the purpose? Is this like the PSP modding, where you can have backup ISO games/apps? Or is this soley for roms (which would probably be difficult to control on a device with no buttons)and hombrew? What are the chances of killing my Ipod touch?

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    you wont kill your ipod touch. period. you WILL be able to have applications that access the ipods file system. one of the main benefits of jailbreaking is to be able to theme your ipod to give it a custom look that suits you best. there are lots of other things that you can do (inluding playing roms with digital buttons) and just many different mods. the only downside to jailbreaking is that it voids any warranty, but most of us here dont care. if you need to take it back or do some type of repair, you can always restore back to the original unjailbroken state
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    Unlike the PSP you can literally do anything with your iTouch, and you will not screw it up.
    Because iTouch's amazing ability to get restored, anytime, anywhere with a computer.

    In the other hand, you screw too much with the PSP's firmware you have 90% of bricking the PSP.
    iTouch is virtually impossible to brick.

    And if you are looking for a Jailbreaking guide, you can go here. Its noob friendly

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