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Thread: proper procedure to start using my 3GS outside USA

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    Question proper procedure to start using my 3GS outside USA
    Hi All

    trying a post here as no one helped in general discussion section.

    I just got my 3gs which i bought via apple about 3 weeks ago, came from china but by then i got transferred out of USA. now it finally caught up to me. i have a valid att account i already paid the first bill (even without a phone they billed me). So i will cancel my ATT account Monday, but want to get it all working first. here is what i think i learned can someone review tell me if this is correct.

    1. connect to itunes on my imac (currently 8.2.1 and osx 10.5.8) to activate with ATT card installed. but since i am out of the US will it actually activate my phone? this seems important as i want the push features even though i dont know if they work outside USA? somewhere i read you need sec. files from the activation for this to work.
    2. follow iclarified instructions to make copies of the ECID files for future upgrades. but i understand this is rather hard, and not sure how many files i am to have, 1 2, or 3, is there a file for ECID and one each for IBSS and IBEC?
    3. change sim to Panama C&W, and run redsnow. but when i change the sim will it not say invalid sim and stop at that point? or just go forward and let it do its thing.
    4. install source for cydia repo to run ultrasnow again with panama SIM.

    then i will be done with process and new sim will work with all features, and I will have push since i activated legal way, and copies of security files to upgrade OS later.

    thanks in advance for good advice.


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    Apper as u need to do some more reading. Try this site, Downloads and Tutorials; redsn0w

    Once Jailbroken and Unlocked - no need to activate & u can use any SIM with any Carrier
    Do hope that helps


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    Default not reallly much help
    Yes i got that i read everything i could here and hackintosh, but still leaves a few things unanswered.

    1. to have push work correctly i have read that you must activate using att first to get some certificate on your phone, then you can unlock, etc, but does push work outside usa when not on att since it uses apple servers?

    2. getting the files i need to be able to do update to 3.1 is confusing are there 2 or 3 files, and the procedure on iclarified does not seem to work for everyone..

    i did not just post without reading as i have hacked many 2g phones, just first time with 3gs..anyone can help?


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