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Thread: Unlocked T mobile sim ??

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    Default Unlocked T mobile sim ??
    I have the iphone with my blackberry sim card in it,,and everything works except i have to contact tmobile for different plan,,but my question is When i go to tmobile and sign into my account,,they recognize my blackberry,,but when i try to change services over to smartphone plan,,there is no option for that,,only blackberry services,,and the iphone wont work with that

    HotSpot with FlexPay Stay connected -- get Wi-Fi access on your laptop, phone, and select cameras and gaming devices at places you already go, including Starbucks, Borders Books and Music stores, airports such as DFW, LAX and SFO, Barnes & Noble bookstores and many more. $9.99

    BlackBerry Unlimited Web with FlexPay Harness the power of your BlackBerry to stay connected on the go with Unlimited Web access. $24.99

    BlackBerry Unlimited Web + Unlimited Messages with FlexPay Get unlimited communication capabilities, with unlimited Web access and domestic messages. Includes Unlimited Web access, Unlimited domestic text, picture, and instant messages, and Unlimited personal e-mail $34.99

    right now i have the BB unlimited web,,and messaging,,but how do i switch to another internet plan,,so my iphone will work

    Thanks in advance

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    ?? There's a lot of confusion I hear.
    No need to do anything (except unlocking the iPhone) - there is no such thing as a "BB SIM" -- just plug the SIM in to the iPhone and you are good to go.
    I have done the same, but on an AT&T plan.

    And Tmobile do not care what phone you use - the r just happy to retain u as customer
    Do hope that helps


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    thanks,,but the sim card when installed in the BB works fine for internet access outside the wifi area,,but as soon as i place BB sim back into iphone in the same location,,,the iphone says no cellular data found,,so in conclusion,,,outside of wifi area,,,the BB works fine,,but iphone has no detection,,and my APN settings are what theyre supposed to be

    Thanks again

    the blackberry unlimited web package is different than the smartphone plan through tmobile,,but thanks anyways

    also I understand that there is no BB SIM,,What i meant was the sim card im using on jailbroken iphone is tmobile unlimited web access with my BB phone.the sim stores my plan on it,,but tmobile still thinks im using sim card in the blackberry.

    I was tols that blackberry plan will not work with the iphone. Im just confused,,but thanks again
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