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Thread: Packages in cydia missing but still installed and working?

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    Default Packages in cydia missing but still installed and working?
    Hi, I have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS 32GB running 3.0.1. I used redsnow to jailbreak; everything was fine and working nicely. I had my phone the perfect way I wanted it. But you know how it is, when your jailbroken, youíre always tempted to try new things.

    Anyway, yesterday I thought Iíd change some wi-fi and carrier logos etc from this site. I didn't backup like a muppet and started replacing files and successfully changed signal bars and wifi logo. Then I found a new wifi logo (The red RSS one from this site) and copied all the files over to the folder. Then my phone kept respringing, the circle will load over the unlock screen and then it will respring again regardless of reset etc.

    Anyway, I realised with the red RSS wifi logo came an info.plist, i used that to replace the one I had already on the phone, that caused the problem. So I browsed this site for stock files and found a stock I downloaded this and from the archive just transferred the info.plist to the phone via i-funbox (was still able to connect to disk mode while it kept re springing) and it stopped repringing and worked fine. The wifi bars didnít even change. Then I realised that the status bar keeps turning white and then disappearing. Only stays normal on the lock state but other than that, turns white, then disappears. So I went to the phones folder and deleted all the RSS wifi files I copied in and left the stock info.plist. Then I copied over the 1st wifi bars I downloaded. The problem was still there. The 1st custom wifi bars was still there and the status bar problem was still there.

    So like a total muppet, the stock I downloaded from this site, i copied it all over to the phone, even though the stock one from this site didnít have all the files that was already on the phone.

    Anyway, after that the phone just kept hanging on the apple logo. Even a reset and just hanged on the apple logo. Couldnít even connect in disk mode at this point. So I put it on recovery mode and re-jailbreaked using redsnow yet still was hanging on the apple logo, only this time, itunes and i-funbox (disk mode) found the phone. So I searched and searched the net for a stock and found one elsewhere, not this site. This version was bigger in size and seemed to have the same amount of files as the phone so I copied that in and phewwwwwww! The phone came back on and everything looked exactly the same and worked exactly the same except the status bar went back to default signal bars etc and no problems with missing status bar etc.

    So finally to the main topic of this post, I went into cydia and it asked to upgrade, did that and now when I go into packages, none of my stuff I had is there. Only a few things which I think come as default. But everything is still installed and working on the phone like sbsettings, dockflow illuminous, backgrounder, lockinfo, status notifier, quickscroll winterboard etc. But there just not showing in cydia as installed. Even afer a reset it still not there. So I went to cydia and pressed modify and reinstalled cydia, still the same thing. When I search for anythig I have installed, before it would say modify, now it says install, even though I already have it installed..? So to test, I went to five icon dock, it said install, I pressed and it installed fine and added to the packages section, even though I already had it installed. Does it mean thereís a duplicate now? Iím pretty sure if I uninstall that one the five icon dock will still be there but just not showing in cydia.

    And for example, I already have sbsettings installed and working, but not showing in cydia packages, so I if I install again (not resinstall) the will it create a duplicate and reset the settings and use double space leaving one version inactive, and then when I go into cydia to uninstall it one day, which version will it remove? and Even if it does remove there will still be one version there..? Is there anyway I can get all the packages and stuff to come back in cydia as everything is still installed and working fine.

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    You probably overwrote something. I mean after all're bound to have done it. You can restore or try reinstalling Cydia. I'd restore though, who knows if there's anything else that you haven't discovered yet.

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