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Thread: WAAAA!!! Got given an iphone and screwed it within 24 hours

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    Default WAAAA!!! Got given an iphone and screwed it within 24 hours
    Dammmmmmm, Im sooo annoyed right now.

    My mate just got a new 3g so gave me his iphone 2g as a handmedown.

    The dock connector is completely shot and wont connect to a pc at all, it just barely charges off the wall socket.

    Therefore I am stuck on 2.2.1!

    I was managing to live with all of this untill I decided to try and install the 2g mms hack from cydia, and I'm now in an apple logo loop.

    Obviously if the dock connector worked i could just restore, but as far as I can see I've completely f***ed it and I'm gonna have to go back to my clumsy N95+ipod touch combo.

    Pleeeease help!!!

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    If the dock connector is shot than I don't think there is much you can do

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    Yeah, thats what I was thinking.

    I've been quoted 60 to replace the dock connector which isn't too bad considering the phone was free.
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    Default Try a different cable....
    ...maybe one from an older/newer model... sometimes the port/cable marriage can be JUST off, not to mention that cables can go bad. Can't hurt to try this before replacing the port.

    My $0.02

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    Yeah try another cable first.

    But it could be several hardware issues. None are good.

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