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Thread: Question about Data Plan + Jailbroken phone

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    Question Question about Data Plan + Jailbroken phone
    Hey all,

    I've not been having much luck searching for an answerr so I figure that I will just ask...

    Can you use a jailbroken iPhone with the Apple data plan without consequence? Basically I don't mind wasting my money on the data plan but I would like to get my hands on some of the goodness that comes with a jailbroken iPhone.



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    Data Plan and Jailbreaking are 2 completely different things!
    1 - jailbreaking allows you to install non-apple approved apps via e.g. cydia or ice.
    2 - Unlocking = allows you to use any simcard/carrier

    A Jailbroken+Unlocked phone can be used on a AT&T "normal" plan. Just request to get the "Data Access" blocked. AT&T must block it on request - otherwise if you are unfamiliar with how the phone works you might be hit with $10/Mb used....and who wants that?

    A Jailbroken/Unlocked iPhone can at any moment be put back to "normal" by restoring using iTunes - a 10 min process.

    Hope that helps

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    I appreciate the info. I may not have been very clear in my wording in the data plan. My scenario is that I'm currently with AT&T and have the Apple data plan ($20) and 1500 text messages ($10). If I jailbreak this phone do I run the risk of getting the phone locked out, banned, set on fire, etc? I'm basically fine with paying my $30/mo fee but would like to take advantage of the apps I can get with a jailbroken phone on top of my iPhone data plan with AT&T.

    I'm just being puss and should do it but I would like to get a firm grasp of 'could' happen.

    Thanks again!

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    They can't find out that your phone is jailbroken unless you go and show them. If you do come across a problem, a complete wipeout of your phone's settings and a clean restore (setting up phone as new) would (usually) not let them even know it was tampered with.

    If they do manage to find out you tampered with the phone (IE jailbreaking it) then your warranty is voided and they will not fix or replace your phone.

    Or if you come across a problem where your phone won't turn on, if they can't see the JB trail, they'll still replace your phone...assuming you don't tell them yourself.
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