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Thread: Iphone Won't sync/No service

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    Default Iphone Won't sync/No service
    My iphone 3G seems to only be recognized by itunes when it's in DFU mode. It will do the first step of the restore, then when it reboots the phone, with a message to leave it plugged in, the phone goes into an endless reboot cycle. if I unplug it at that point, I get to the emergency call/plug into itunes screen.

    I can from this point jailbreak the phone using redsn0w and get it to boot, as a new phone, however it says I have no service. I have an AT&T sim installed, and the phone does not need to be unlocked. However, the only way for me to get service is to unlock it using ultrasn0w, then I get my phone back (Yeah). However, I still can't connect it to my PC. When i try and connect it, itunes gives me one of several errors, mostly that it can't read from the device, sometimes I'll get the 1600 error.

    I've tried to erase and delete everything, I've tried using firmware from 2.0.2 to 2.2.1 to 3.0 and I get the same results. I'm primarily working off a PC with XP, but I've also tried connecting to a vista laptop and an old mac I have. All with the same results.

    I've also tried to delete the lockdown folders, tried changing USB cables and ports. Rebooted both the phone and PC countless times.

    I'm at a loss as to what to try next. At this point, I'd be happy if I could just get it back to some factory fresh version that syncs with my PC.

    Please help.

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    hi, my question to you is the ATT sim your using a prepay or standard service because a prepaid Att sim will need to the iphone unlocked to work cuz itunes will not authenticate your prepay activation. They no longer give that prepay unless you call them and request prepay but at a premium!
    Secondly, the 1600 error means you need the updated 8.2.1 for itunes and 3.0 fw cuz all 2.X.X fw are no longer compatible.

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    It's a regular ATT sim, not a pre-paid one.

    The 1016 error, was when I was trying to downgrade firmwares to see if that could get me around the problem.

    Much more typical, when using the 3.0 firmware is that after the DFU restore, itunes just doesn't see the phone, and the phone just reboots. If I unplug the phone, it will boot to the screen where it shows emergency call or plug into itunes. Then when I plug in from that screen, I get about a 3 min wait before Itunes tells me it can't read from the device, and the iphone then reboots.

    Interesting new discovery. I live in northern CA and it's been rather warm lately. I finally got my phone working, for a few hours, but as soon as I took it outside I noticed that it started the whole endless reboot cycle again. In the car, I had the A/C blowing on the phone the for ~5 min, and the phone stabilized. I did a couple more experiments and it seems a big portion of my problem was heat related. Placing the phone in a cool location seems to keep it from entering the endless reboot phase.
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