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Thread: Post Jailbreak file/movies question...

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    Default Post Jailbreak file/movies question...
    So you jailbreak your phone. Then you buy some neat programs from Cydia and find ways to download movies and other great stuff.

    Where does it all go? Will itunes see it?

    I use iFile and have various items in /var/mobile/Library/Downloads
    I also share an itunes account and computer. My spouse does not want our second phone jailbreak'ed. The files/apps I have installed all appear to be in /var/mobile/Library.

    I synced the phone on the Vista PC, but don't see the apps or themes or movies on itunes.

    Being that it is saved in /var/mobile/*.* does that mean it is invisible to itunes and the PC I sync with? I ask because I don't want to void her warranty (so they say) by somehow getting a program or file on her iphone via an itunes sync (somehow showing a jailbreak). Also does it mean that anything saved in /var/mobile will not be backed-up via itunes?

    Thank you for reading, I can't seem to find an answer via 'search'.

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    You will lose your warranty if you take your iPhone into an apple store and it is either jailbroken, or was restored from a jailbroken backup. In other words, if you need to take it in for repair etc, just do a fresh restore! If you want to know where apps are installed, then before installing it on cydia, there is an option to view the installation location, so check that out.

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