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Thread: ebay iPhone, now no signal or wifi HELP!!!!

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    Default ebay iPhone, now no signal or wifi HELP!!!!
    Hi everyone was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue which is resulting me having a goodnight sleep.

    A few days ago I decided to purchase a iphone 3g running 3.0 so I sow a great deal on ebay and i brought it.
    The phone arrived in excellent condition and was boxed etc.
    i charged up the phone and put in my o2UK sim into it and worked perfectly. at this stage I did not check if it connected to the wifi.
    So later on i decided to restore the phone with the new firmware 3.0.1, and jailbreak it and unlock it with using redsnow 0.8. I followed the steps from guides from youtube, and iclarifed, thinking i would not have any problems.
    once the restore finished, the phone showed me to connect to itunes. i loaded itunes and it displayed 'the simcard inserted is not the correct simcard please insert the correct sim' something along those lines.
    at this stage i thought i might have done something wrong during the jailbreak, so i retired it once again and still no signal or wifi.
    I tried and tried about 20 times still the process could not work.

    I decided to phone applecare and find out why i was not getting wifi as this was the key to unlock my phone and also why am not getting any signal. they advised me to do a number of things and still no result.
    at this stage i thought id tell them what was displayed on itunes, and that’s when the S**t hit the fan. they advised me either the phone was stolen or it’s a international phone which was brought into the country.

    i then decided to do a imei check and the result came through, that the phone was not reported stolen.

    ive tried everything i could, but nothing seems to be working.

    my questions are -
    1. how comes the phone was working when i first put my sim into it, i was aware the phone was jail broken.

    2. why am i not getting any wifi signal as the sim card has nothing to do with the wifi

    3. could i buy a iphone pay an go simcard and would i be able to activate the phone.

    4. when i go ino settings - network, there is no network tab displayed

    I also checked if the phone is under warranty and the result was it was finishing in December 2009.

    I know there are many clever people on this site and was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue.

    Kind regards
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    First thing to do, DFU restore the iPhone to 3.0.1 - to do this:-

    1) plug the iPhone into your computer.
    2) Hold Top button and Home (round button) until the phone turns off (or hold top button until slide to power off appears. Open iTunes on your computer.
    3) With the iPhone off and connected to your computer, hold the top button and the home button for 10 seconds (I count elephants!), then release the top button and keep holding round home button. Wait for around 15 seconds and iTunes should detect a device in Recovery Mode. Click restore and allow it to restore and upgrade to the latest firmware.

    At the end of this the iPhone should reboot and give you one of two screens:-
    1) Activate iphone, you may need to go through a registration process for the o2 sim - once done you should be good to go.
    2) Sim not valid - if it states the sim is not valid then it could be a foreign iphone which requires the relevant carrier to activate. This is not a problem. Download and run Redsnow 0.8, choose firmware 3.0 (not the lastest 3.0.1) you can download it from: - iPod and iPhone Firmware Download if you do not have a copy already. This will activate your iphone and install Cydia. Now if you don't have WiFi still you need to download Ultrasn0w usb installer which you can download from here:- Unlock iPhone 3G OS 3.0 without wifi here... basically all you do is make sure your iPhone is connected by USB, close iTunes and then run the .bat file and it insalls ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone. This will give you carrier again so you can text make calls etc. For mobile internet you might need to change the APN settings.

    I suspect the WiFi is to do with 3.0, the 3g iphones have had many issues with WiFi and 3.0 firmware if you google the issue you will see many people have lost WiFi alltogether (in that it works in giving a MAC address but won't detect any networks)so you will be stuck using mobile internet.
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    Robcoffee you are a star, thank you so so so much, your a life saver

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