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Thread: iPhone logo fades away - help!

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    Default iPhone logo fades away - help!
    Hello, and thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. My iPhone accidentally went through a washing machine cycle, sounds horribly but the battery was completely dead at the time and my phone was off. I realized right away and put the phone in front of a heater and a bag of rice, it is pretty dried off and has been that way for a few days.

    Now when I turn it on (its plugged into the wall), the Apple logo comes on bright and white, then fades away in about 4-5 seconds and then nothing happens. I searched the forums and thought that putting my phone in DFU mode might help. So I turned the phone on while holding home and the power and kept holding them, and eventually got to a screen where it asks me to connect the iphone to itunes as so (the image on the right). However the second I unplug my phone from the wall to plug it into the computer the phone dies and I'm back to square 1.

    When I plug my phone into my laptop nothing happens, it won't turn on no matter how I try (like the Apple logo won't even show up, its like the phone is completely dead.

    I have the original iphone, it was unlocked/jailbroken to 3.0. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated or if you guys need any more information to help you figure this out just let me know. Thanks alot

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    well, I suppose your iphone is simply dead. Sounds to me like the battery was killed or something.

    You COULD try sending it to apple if you still have warranty left, but other then that I don't see much chance for your iphone unfortunatly.

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    Sounds like youre pretty much sol man. Like blackwolf said could try taking it to apple but good luck. or sell it on ebay

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