I hope this is the right place to ask this, and ask for apologies in case is not,
A friend bought his I phone new with the 1.0.2 verson and last friday it fell and the screen was black, he turned it off an on again and it all seemed to be in perfect working order but it was not, it will not dial it does not access WI_FI an therefore has no connection to the internet, also when the phone is in stand-by and the screen goes to sleep incoming calls work randomely when the screen is active calls do come in.
He can make calls and send written ims, the i pod works too.
He is really desperate and found an ingeneer that lives here in Cancun who "virginized" the I phone and reinstalled version 1.1.4 and the functions still donīt work.
He opened the phone and said that from what he can see everything seems to be ok and that was all he could do.
In the US the phone would still be in guarantee unfortunately here we are limited in skilled professionals and access to parts so his only bet is to mail it to someone on the US that could repair it.
He is looking here for a recomendation and an address to mail the phone to the US. He does not speak fluent English but I am willing to translate for him is you contact me and pass on the information
Thank you in advance for your time to read this and any recommendation you can have for my friend
(excuse my spelling and grammar)