My wifi has never worked after first jailbreaking my iphone back on 2.2 firmware. An update to 2.2.1 and several restores and re-jailbrakes didn't solve it either. The option in settings was greyed out saying "no wifi". It wouldn't even let me into the wifi settings. After updating to 3.0 I hoped it would solved it but no luck

Anyway, long story short. My springboard crashed last night and put my phone in safe mode. A message appeared telling me this and something about mobile substrate saved it? Not sure. I clicked the button telling me to reboot the phone to take it out of safe mode and my wifi now lets me into the settings but im unable to find any networks even though im standing next to my home wifi hub.

Since then its went back to the grayed out 'no wifi'

Can anyone shine some light on to why this may be? Is there a way to make the springboard crash intentionally to see if it starts working again? Ive tried using backrounder to run loads of apps but its not crashed yet...