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Thread: Jailbroken phone takes long time to close apps?

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    Default Jailbroken phone takes long time to close apps?
    Hello, I am running an iphone 3G with 3.0.1, and just jailbroke it last night. I had jailbroken it earlier, but reverted back to stock after not being satisfied with it's sluggishness... Well, I decided to jailbreak it again (can't live without SBSettings), and it doesn't appear sluggish anymore, with one exception. When I press the home button to close an app, it takes 8-12 seconds for the phone to close the app and go back to the springboard, whereas prior to jailbreaking it, it was nearly instantaneous. Any ideas on things I can check to try to get rid of this? I may just revert it back to stock AGAIN if there isn't a solution, as this is just really annoying...

    Nevermind... I stumbled onto a solution. I have Reflective Dock installed, and in it's options, I had enabled "Reflective App Icons" for the icons on the SpringBoard. After disabling that, everything works as it should. The funny thing is that after re-enabling it, things still work as they should... Weird...

    Well, after some more fiddling around with this, it seems that the problem is not related to Reflective Dock, per se. It appears to be a memory issue. It started doin it again, and just for giggles, I checked the free memory. It does it when the free memory is less than 20mb. Back to the drawing board...
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    I'm having the same problem. Did anybody find a solution?

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    I did end up finding a solution. Uninstall Winterboard. With Winterboard installed, my 3G's memory was always really low; about 10MB. After the uninstall, I have about 15-35MB free at any given time, and apps close as they should... Nearly instantly. I was only using Winterboard for the TransparentDock, so it wasn't worth the performance hit, or freeing up RAM every 10 minutes or so, just to achieve that. I found how to do the TransparentDock manually, so I don't even notice not having Winterboard.

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    I had the same issues, until I too uninstalled WinterBoard.
    I only used it for a wallpapered background and a transparent dock, so they're worth sacrificing for UI fluidity.

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