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Thread: Purplesn0w/Ultrasn0w 3GS - No HSPDA only 3g speeds - T-Mobile UK

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    Exclamation Purplesn0w/Ultrasn0w 3GS - No HSPDA only 3g speeds - T-Mobile UK
    Hi guys,

    Sorry if this questions been asked but i can't find the answer. I have an iphone 3gs and a t-mobile contract sim. T-mobile sim gets around 3000 kbps (kilobits/sec) on phones from my old winmobile samsung omnia to a normal phone which has 7.2mbps hspda capability (Samsung U900 soul) yet on the iphone i only get around 350 kbps. I thought it might be to do with the fact that my phone was purplesn0wed (tried ultrasn0w too, same prob.) so i put in an O2 sim (iphones in uk are locked to O2) but with purplesn0w still installed. Lo and behold i got 984kbps, still not quite 3000 kbps but still 3 times faster. So my question why am i only getting 3g speeds on the iphone even though i had full 3g signal and with the O2 sim card why only 984kbps (3gs supports 7.2mbps). One more thing, i tested the speed with my wifi and got around 8000 kbps - so its not like the iphone has problems handling high speeds.

    Even when downloading files, on the same server with wifi I get around 900 KBpS and with
    "HSPDA" I only get around 30 KBps - that's 3g speed!!!!! Not hspda. I pretty sure if I use an o2 sim I will get hspda speeds - so I'm thinking it's got something to do with purplesn0w/ultrasn0w or my APN settings although I did get them off

    Somebody please help...this is seriously pissing me off - I'm paying for hspda and not getting it. I get hspda on all phones that I've used that support hspda (samsung soul u900, samsung omnia i900, HTC touch diamond) apart from this iPhone.


    Update: I was using the native speed test app on the iphone to test the speed. i tried using the same site as i did with the others (Mobile Speed test) and got 2.78 mbps. Altough when tethering i only get 3g confused

    Update 2: the reason for the 2.78 Mbps on that site was probably cos safaris probably a proxy browser I.e. The info of the website ur visiting is already stored elsewhere...just a guess

    Update 3: Ultrasn0w seems to be a lot slower than purplesn0w in terms of download speed.
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