Ok, so I jailbroke using purplera1n, and everything (except the sms wallpaper) seemed to work fine. Only problem, now the phone wont sync to itunes. When I did try to sync, it jacked all my apps from the app store...they were listed as being transfered to itunes, but then disappeared. The phone then freaked out. Showing only the apple logo on a dark startup screen or nothing at all, till i managed to connect in recovery mode. I recovered, and used a backup, but did NOT re-break the phone. Now I STILL CANT SYNC, even with the stock software. I plan to re-JB the phone, but was wondering if anyone has had this problem or a solution? I'm addicted to the mods, and using this stock bs is killing me. Does the phone hold residual code from past jailbreaks? (i've used pwnage, sn0w, zip, in the past and usually restore from backup...) If so...how would I delete it? Thanks,