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Thread: Descreased Battery Life after JB 3.0 IPHONE 3G

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    I have noticed my battery drains much faster since the 3.0 firmware from Apple. I have yet to jailbreak, but I assume when people mention 3.0 they are talking about Apple's firmware. After reading this, now I am considering NOT jailbreaking my phone. I will still have to figure out how to reinstall Apple's firmware once I DO decided to jailbreak just in case there is a problem.

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    Jailbreak, battery problems are mainly because they restore from backup. If you set up as new there's no problem.

    To go back, just click restore.
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    Well, I had a 2G until very recently that has a reduced battery life because of 3.0 JB but it was not that bad. A little worse than 2.2.1 but no problem, battery was half empty at the end of the day and I charged every night.
    Now I have a 3GS 3.0.1 JB and battery is about the same.

    However I just installed 3.0.1 to my wife on a 3G and apparently the battery drains in few hours and is very hot.
    I mention the fact that it's NOT JB. She was complaining about the slowlyness of 2.2.1 JB so she wants to try w/o JB.

    I'll try the trick to restore NOT from backup to see if that changes something because at the moment, it's pretty useless ...
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    The reason the battery is going dead so fast is because you are not on an iphone data plan. Trust me I been threw everything trying to figure it out. I bet you most people that are having problems with the battery is NOT ON AN IPHONE DATA PLAN. U can't have the iPhone on 3.0 firmware without the iPhone data plan. The cellular network is going to keep trying to get data even when your not using it and your phone will get very warm. If u don't believe me, put a sim in your phone from an iPhone that has the iPhone data plan, your battery usage will be back to normal.

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    My Fiances phone is a 3.0 JB device and the damn thing will not hold a charge, im going to restore back to 3.0 and give it a try again tonight.

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