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Thread: A sticky situation

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    Default A sticky situation
    Long story short, I was forced to restore from a backup on my 3GS because apparently hitting the "reset all settings" button kinda bricks your phone after screwing around with Supreme Preferences. So I get everything going again, but when I make it ra1n this time around, Freeze doesn't show up.

    I then realized that I had hidden Freeze through SBSettings a long time ago, and since I restored from backup, freeze was still hidden.

    I can't remember if I restored since then, but I don't think I did. If I didn't, is there some way for me
    to unhide Freeze? Restoring and jailbreaking through redsn0w wouldn't help because then I wouldn't even have Freeze, and you can't unhide what you don't have.

    I'd really love to not have to set up as a new phone. Is it possible for me to redsn0w over it to unhide Freeze, and then ra1n over the sn0w without leaving a trail of poo behind?

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    if you reset settings (without super preferences, or w/e) it should set your icons back to visible.
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    Nah last time I tried to reset all settings it went into perpetual reboot mode. I think it has to do with the fact that it's jailbroken

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    Why not just jailbreak with redsn0w?
    Personally that would be my tool of choice but that's just me.

    Without the proper tools you wouldn't be able to unhide the stuff.
    Just restore and set up as a new phone.

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    If I sn0wed over the ra1n, would it remove freeze? Or would freeze stay?

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