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Thread: Cydia is Dead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zwayne View Post many times has this been said??? LMMFAO
    OMG I just had an idea. He should just restore, jailbreak, and setup as a new phone.

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    Cydia has started crashing on loading for a lot of people. Might be a problem on their side. Mine and my buddies stopped working at the same time
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    I never restore from backup. Every time I did I had some issue or another. As long as I have been restoring as new and following a few simple procedures I have been issue free.
    Always wait for the spinning wheel in the status bar to stop and disappear before doing anything when installing apps, even if you can return to Cydia or Respring. Wait for the install to complete.
    Always do a full power off and on reboot if the iPhone when installing any mobile substrate app, regardless if you are instructed to.

    Did I say restore as a new iPhone?
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    ^ true dat girl,

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    i did all of this and i still have the same problems. my wifi also stopped working the same time my cydia stopped working. i restored as new and re jb it and the same thing. no wifi no cydia. i need help im getting so frusterated.

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    Another major problem kiddies, is that I CAN'T do a restore, cuz the damned iTunes restore function won't let me.
    It says that it will upgrade to the newest software (3.1)
    Which I don't want cuz you can't jjailbreak it yet.

    Any other suggestions...?

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    in mobileterminal:

    apt-get remove cydia
    apt-get install cydia
    dpkg --get-selections

    ..That last one will give you a list of everything you have installed, just find the full name of what you want to get rid of and do this:

    apt-get remove NAME

    dont know if anyone else wrote this.. cant be reading through all the comments

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    not really understanding that...
    (I'm a newbie at this)

    Are those something I type in inside of Mobileterminal?
    (never used it before)

    What is "su"?

    Is "apt-get" a button you press?

    I did a thing where you go in via SSH or DiscAid and delete everything in /private/var/lib/apt/lists/, but it didn't seem to work.
    (it's mention above in another forum, cuz people were having trouble wiith Cydia crashing after like july 18th or something.)

    Please explain a bit more...
    thanks buddy!
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