I jailbroke my 3GS with purplera1n yesterday.. everything went smoothly.

Earlier today I turned off my iphone.. when I tried to turn it back on I would get the normal Apple logo during reboot and then it would go to a blackish screen (the phone was still visibly on). It would stay on this blackish screen for a few minutes, then the Apple logo would reappear along with the circling status thing, and then would go back to the blackish screen again.

The only way I could turn off my phone during this reboot would be by holding the power and home buttons together.

I've tried holding the power and home button several times to reboot the phone, but they just keep taking me to the cycle of the Apple logo and the blackish screen.

Can anyone help me with this problem please??
Do I need to put my phone in recovery mode and restore with itunes?