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Thread: NEED HELP ASAP! Phone 2g stuck w/ cartoon picture and weird caption bubble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alohawaii View Post
    hour and a half away. can anyone help?

    i get errors 23, 1604.
    ok plug it in, open itunes, if it isnt open already, make sure windows recognizes it, and go to your task manager, making sure "ituneshelper.exe" isnt running if it is kill it.

    (while plugged in) Then hold home + power for about 8-10 seconds until windows chimes 2x (the screen will go blank on the touch) release power still holding home for about 23 seconds, (basically until windows recognizes the device, itll chime) then release home. it should pop up and say your device is in DFU mode, or in restore mode.

    Then hit "Shift + click restore" that should pop up a browser window, and find your firmware. select the firmware and let it run. If you still get a 1604/1603/error2 etc errors, that means your itunes isnt pwned or you didnt enter DFU correctly.

    Also if you screw up in this process dont worry, you can start over. If you do though, your screen will be blank. You have to hold power while hitting the home key a few times and in random sequence, and this will eventually reboot the touch. Dont freak! just keep hitting and holding those 2 in random combinations, it will eventually turn back on I promise.

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    okay, here's what i did.

    remember that the steve jobs picture is still on.

    1. plugged it in
    2. entered "recovery mode" when i actually followed the dfu procedures
    3. shift + restore
    4. clicked on 1.1.4 firmware (it didn't work previous times due to errors)
    5. i got pass preparing for iphone restore, waiting for iphone, restoring iphone, restoring firmware.

    i've been waiting maybe 20 minutes and it's still restoring firmware.

    how long does it usually take?

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    20 minutes is too long. If you are following DFU procedures and you are in recovery with something on your screen, you're doing it wrong. Set up a timer, or a watch and get the times exactly right.
    1. Plug it into your computer
    2. Turn off
    3. Hold Power for 5 seconds
    4. Hold home AND power for 10 seconds
    5. Release power and keep holding home until it pops up on your computer
    Your iPhone screen should stay either completely black with no change, flash white then go black, or stay solid white. If DFU STILL doesn't work, then plug it into a different USB port on your computer. After you get it into DFU, click restore in iTunes, and then the accept button, which should say "Restore and Update". Once that's done, set up as new phone. You should be booted, with stock firmware, and zero data on it. No music, no pictures, no contacts, nothing. Then open up the latest version of RedSn0w, and use that to jailbreak it. When you have to select your firmware, navigate to

    CDocuments and Settings\Your User Name Here\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates\

    and use that firmware. Then your jailbreak should run smoothly. After it's done and booted normally into jailbroken awesomeness , open cydia. Choose whatever category you want, and then upgrade all of the packages. Then add the repo, and download and use ultrasn0w. Then you're set.
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