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Thread: Crashing, App restart, phone random restart, Sad Iphone Recovery mode

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    Default Crashing, App restart, phone random restart, Sad Iphone Recovery mode
    I have a 16gb white 3G iphone that i just got replaced at the apple store. After i jailbreak it with pwnage (later redsn0w) the phone will mostly work fine.

    But sometimes (in about 5 days) i got a couple of phone restart for no reason, applications closing within seconds of opening it. phone froze, and phone went into safe mode "sad iphone".

    I have a 3G 8gb black that i used redsn0w in windows and works fine.

    I tried setting it as a new iphone for my 16gb white and still get the same problems. I tried not installing winterboard and still the same problem.

    The only cydia apps i downloaded is sbsettings, winterboard, cycorder, and pdanet.

    I am not sure if this is a software problem or a hardware problem. anyone have similar problem?

    no one have any thought on my problem
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    That is what messed up your phone. I'm 99% sure. Restore the phone to a stock firmware and then reinstall everything except for that. You will see that that is the reason.

    Just goes to show you that you should only install legitimate applications.
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    I can't find Cydia on app store

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    Well if two phones are having the exact same problem, they are both not going to have the same hardware issue. The odds of that are minute. Have you tried redownloading a different redsn0w, using a different stock ipsw? Those could all be the cause of it.
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    i had the same problem. it came from Sbsettings. Just try un-install it.

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