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Thread: In need of a "Glossary For Dummies" help

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    Default In need of a "Glossary For Dummies" help
    Hey guys...

    I have read around for hours... but not finding a lot of answers.

    I've been an iPhone user for a little over a year. I was a pretty hard core BitPim user on Sprint/Verizon phones back in the day... but, the iPhone jailbreaking is alluding me.

    Can someone please explain to be the basics of applications, programs, terms of what is used, etc.? I don't understand Cydia, redsnow, stacks, purplera1n, Dev Team, etc. There is no glossary to reference the info nor a primary location for any of this. I am aware of what "jailbreaking" is... but not all of what the benefits are. I appreciate the help in advance.

    I'm sure this is a pretty broad question, but I'd love some help before I go bricking my phone or jailbreaking it and then returning it to jailed state because I don't know what I have in my hands....

    Thanks again from a modmyi Noob!

    INFO: iPhone 3Gs
    (just in case someone needs to know...)
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    Jailbreaking just allows you access to the file system on the phone. With that access you can add/change anything you want on it.

    The Dev Team is one group of people that are hacking the phone so that it can be "jailbroken" and developing the tools need to do so.

    Purplera1n and RedSnow are programs that are used to jailbreak your phone. They both do basically the same thing, just released by different people.

    Cydia is like the "AppStore" for the hacking community All "our" apps/themes whatnot are on it. Its an application for the iphone that will allow you do install all the cool stuff.

    Stacks is just an app, located in Cydia.

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