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Thread: 3GS Upgrade from 3G with AT&T? Can't do it..

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    Default 3GS Upgrade from 3G with AT&T? Can't do it..
    There was a lot of talk about AT&T being "nice" and giving us guys who bought a 3G last year a discount on the new 3GS.

    However, when I log into my account, it says I cannot upgrade. Has anyone done it and what did they charge you for either the 16GB or 32GB?

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    If you sign an iPhone contract with AT&T, you have the wait 24 months before you can get a new iPhone at full discount.

    However, if your wireless bill is over $100 a month, you may sign up for another 2 year contract and get a full discount on an iPhone after only 12 months.

    The news you heard was targeted at people who purchased an iPhone 3G in the months of June, July, and August who also had wireless bills over $100 a month.

    I bought a 3G last August and my bill is over $100 a month. What AT&T did for me and others that fall into this category is instead of making me wait till August to upgrade, they let me do it a couple months early (June). Come next June I should be able to upgrade again at the full discount.

    Others still have to wait out the full 2 years.

    Now my bill is over $100 a month because I'm on a family plan and my line is the main line. Even though the entire account is over $100 a month, that doesn't mean those 4 additional lines can get the yearly upgrade since they are only paying $10 a month per line (40 if they also have a data plan). Those lines can upgrade every 2 years or do early upgrades for $200 more.

    I hope that all made sense. It's all a bit complicated lol. The AT&T rep couldn't even explain it and had to call a manager when I asked about all this.
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    My bill is about $180/mo between my wife and I and I got the 3G the day it came out (July something).

    It still says online that I can't upgrade with ANY discounts... Is there a special department that you called or did you do it in the store?

    Also, how much did they charge you for your upgraded phone?
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    It's not about how much money it is for you two combined on your account. Check your wireless bill and make sure that YOUR line ALONE with voice + data + texts is over $100. If it is, you certainly should qualify.

    I bought a 3G towards the end of August of 2008.
    I was charged $300 for a 32GB 3GS on the day of release June 21? so I got a full discount. I simply walked into the store and bought my phone.

    On my line which is the main line on the family plan account I have:

    FamilyTalk Nation 2100 Minutes $100
    iPhone Unlimited Data Plan $30
    200 Text $5

    I have 4 other lines, 3 of which have data plans and text messages. Total wireless bill for the account is around $300+. However, only my line qualifies for an upgrade every 12 months. The other 4 are on 2-year cycles.

    I'm not sure but maybe your voice plan needs to be at least $100. You should definitely go to an AT&T store and ask a sales rep what the deal is.
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    CRAPO!! I'm wondering if I'm not eligible because I have my iPhone set up as my 2nd line and not the primary?!? I did this because corporate discounts are not allowed on the iPhone plan...but if I used my wife's Treo as the primary, I could still get the discount on the whole plan.

    I'm on the phone with a customer support person now.. {crosses fingers}

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    It doesn't matter if it's primary or secondary. It really just boils down to having a bill for that line over $100 a month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oahz View Post
    It doesn't matter if it's primary or secondary. It really just boils down to having a bill for that line over $100 a month.
    Well, the CS lady said it has to work out to over 100/line... We have 2 lines and bill comes to 165/ that was a no go... but for some reason, my wife's TREO line is eligible on the 26th of this I will just upgrade her phone, swap the SIMs and the IMEI#s and be done with it.. Shame I can't upgrade both lines and sell my unlocked 3G though!

    I'll save the other line's upgrade for when the 4GSTUVWXYZ comes out!

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    FWIW, I purchased my 3G in November, and was "allowed" to upgrade at the slightly reduced rate of $499 (for 32GB). Sold my 3G for a little more than $300, though, so it really didn't hurt as much.

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    Yea I said it has to be over $100 a line. Usually the main line of the family plan is the only one that manages to get over 100 because the voice plan is placed on that line.

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