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Thread: Ultrasn0w Stability - purplera1n vs redsn0w

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    Default Ultrasn0w Stability - purplera1n vs redsn0w
    So originally after I jailbroke with purplera1n, installing ultrasn0w would cause me to constantly lose wifi and cell signal. After installing the latest ultrasn0w, I've had no such issues anymore. I did the network settings reset that the dev team recommended--dunno if that did anything though. I'm currently using an AT&T sim. (Unlock is for when I go overseas)

    So I would like to know what others' experiences have been as far as signal stability with ultrasn0w using AT&T sim or any other carrier sim, and whether they jailbroke using redsn0w or purplera1n.

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    I was abit apprehensive jailbreaking my new 3GS with purplera1n as there new to the scene and no sign of a working redsn0w. Has to be the simplest jailbreak I have ever seen one click and your done.

    Although I use o2 as my new carrier (free wifi/3G ) I still applied ultrasn0w to use my Orange sim aswell.

    I did initially have intermittent signal loss and wifi dropout but seems to have sorted itself out. The one major problem I still have is 3G no longer works. Even though I see I am assigned an IP for Data (sbsettings) and have changed the APN settings 3G just refuses to work.

    I will try uninstalling Ultrasn0w and see if that has any effect.

    Update: Sigh...looks like I will have to DFU restore and see whats causing the 3G blackout.
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