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Thread: Ultrasn0w unstable with 3GS

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    Default Ultrasn0w unstable with 3GS
    So I jailbroke yesterday with purplera1n RC2. Cydia works amazingly fast on the 3GS. Installed SBSettings, Backgrounder, and StatusNotifier. Everything works well except Ultrasn0w.

    After installing Ultrasn0w, I constantly lose network connection and Wifi. I didn't even try a foreign sim card yet. I'm using the AT&T sim! I've uninstalled it for now and everything is normal again. Anyone else run into these issues?

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    why use ultrasnow if you have att? also when you use a foriegn sim for example tmobile you have to disable 3G and then it will work.

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    I'm having a similar problem with my 3GS and a T-Mobile UK SIM, but I've noticed that if I turn on Aiplane mode then turn it off again the phone them keeps signal perfectly until reboot (Note: I live in an area where I can only get a 2G signal so I haven't been able to try this with a 3G signal).

    I could come up with some wild arsed speculation on this. Maybe the extra speed of the 3GS means the phone stack starts at boot before Ultrasn0w is completely ready or maybe it's something to do with having SIMlock turned on on the SIM.

    Whatever the reason, I now know how to get an iPhone working almost perfectly on the network of my choice so I'm happy.

    Cheers Geohot and Dev Team

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    Obviously I don't need to unlock if I'm going to use AT&T. I'm going to be traveling overseas and will need it then. Regardless, it shouldn't matter what carrier I'm using. I have a 3G with ultrasn0w installed using AT&T with no issues.

    I'm just curious if anyone else with AT&T and a 3GS was having any problems with ultrasn0w.

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    UltraSn0w is from the Dev Team - when the Dev Team release a JB it will be supported but no one will support UltraSn0w on PurpleRa1n!
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    If I made a backup after using purplera1n on my phone, will i have issues when I do a full restore, jailbreak it with a dev team tool, and then restore my settings from the backup?

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    yes i have experienced the same thing with ultrasn0w on 3GS. phone kept dropping and loosing wifi connections also.

    removed ultrasn0w also everything seems ok now.

    fyi - winterboard seems to lockup phone also

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