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Thread: Working downgrade for Iphone 3G from 3.1 to 3.0

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    hey guys
    when you restore from 3.1 to 3.0 and get the 1015 message use "OS 3.0 Beta 5 for iPhone 3G: windows - Mac"
    and do what the first message tells you to do and it will load into the call for emergamcy screen and then just open itunes and boom fixed

    p.s. when i installed cydia it ased me to install the packages like it allways does at the start and then a message poped up saying
    cyida does not know what version it is
    an install of icy through redsn0w might fix the problem
    * or somthing along those lines *

    -just to let you know-

    links found here, under "Download of Interest :"
    Download iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 Build 7A312G
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    Default Omg
    WORKED THANNNKSSSSSS i actually updated to 3.1 beta 2 today lol no knowing beta 3 just came out so i got purple screen of death woo hoo thank u so mucho

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    just use purplera1n then restore again for the 3gs.
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    This was done to my iphone 3G on AT&T so be aware.

    1 / Uninstall iTunes 8.2 .
    2 / Install iTunes 8.1.1
    3 / Place your iPhone (under 3.1 or blocked restores) in DFU
    4 / Make a left Shift + Click Restore and select your ipsw 3.0
    5 / Once the restoration is completed you'll get an error 1015 (Do not worry this is normal)
    6 / Do again a restore but this time not in DFU mode but in the rescue Mode ((Displaying the USB cable on the screen) After the error 1015 phone goes into rescue)
    7 / Once this second restoration always an error 1015
    8 / Close iTunes (8.1.11)
    9 / Open Quickpwn 3.0 (unofficial)
    10 / Quickpwn will tell you that you must reset your device, to do so, 15 seconds remain supported on Home + Power. Your phone turns off, release all, press 2 sec on power and now the iphone tell you that only one emergency call is allowed
    11 / Now itunes will say that the iphone can only be used with version 8.2 of itunes.
    12 / Uninstall 8.1.11 and install itunes 8.2
    13 / Use Redsn0w for jailbreak your phone you're done

    PS: The modem is always on 05.08.01, so the network must wait for an Yellowsn0w update


    that method above worked perfectly and I believe if your running 64bit it gives u a different error (16xx) and I was unsuccessful in downgrading from my 64bit PC but it worked fine on my 32bit.
    When running Redsn0w make sure you run it in compatibility and administrator mode otherwise you will receive an error...other then that everything works great..
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    I got it downgraded by restoring to OS3.0, error 1015. Jailbreak with pwnage 3.0, error 1015. Oper terminal, run iRecovery -s, fsboot, and it's alive! Still on the 05.11.04 though. Baby steps.

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    HELP! My iphone wont restore to any Firmware I keep getting Error 1015. Please Help
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeeshee View Post
    can anyone confirm that this method works?
    works fine

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    hey all these information are very useful to me bcuz i have the same problem ,but my question is my iphone is officially unlocked not jailbreaked ,so if i do what u guys are saying will it jailbreak it? is there any way to downgrade without jailbreaking?! thnx

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    Default Not Working

    I had an unjailbreaked iphone 3g using 3.01. I was stupid and instralled the beta 3.1. I have tried all the versions here on how to d/ngrade to 3.0 but it does not work. I have even used the quickpwn 3.05 beta.

    When i tried the earlier mentioned fixes, i got to the end but when you have to hold on the power and home for 15sec and then relase the home and keep your finger on the power to 2 secs. All i get is the apple sign and then the connect to iphone to itunes sign. Please help.

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    This is funny be cause I have a dev account and the uuid of the iphone I have it set up to; I sold it for a ps3 lmao.

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    Default thanks for the help
    Quote Originally Posted by jiggyjae View Post
    This is funny be cause I have a dev account and the uuid of the iphone I have it set up to; I sold it for a ps3 lmao.
    hi any one got this working after apple stopped to sign the 3 and 3.0.1 ?

    i tried this and no luck please help


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