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Thread: Downgrading from 3.1

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    Default Downgrading from 3.1
    I have an iPhone 3G and I stupidly updated to the 3.1 beta because 3.0 was a little buggy and slow for me. 3.1 turned out to be even worse than 3.0 so I tried downgrading and now my phone is stuck on a pink connect to iPhone screen.

    I tried restoring every way possible in iTunes 8.2 and nothing worked so I tried every way possible in 8.1.1 and still nothing is working.

    I got a few different errors but mainly 21 and 1015.

    I just want my phone to work, is there any way to fix this at all?


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    I'm pretty sure that those are baseband errors. As you updated the baseband by upgrading.

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    I was able to restore it to the 3.1 ipsw but when it was finally done I got this:

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    Downgrading to 3.0

    1. Put your device in DFU mode. (Hold Power and Home until the phone restarts, release the power button and hold home until iTunes recognizes it. You should have a back screen)

    2. Restore to the 3.0 ipsw. It will take a long time, let it remain until it gives you error 1015.

    3. Use redsn0w to jailbreak your device and bring it out of recovery mode.

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    I try restoring to the ipsw file found in username>Library>iTunes>iPhone Software Updates and I get the 1015 error then I click Okay and try to jailbreak it.

    When I jailbreak it I select the same ipsw file and it works until the last part where on the phone it says "Downloading Jailbreak Data..." It says that and never finishes or restarts.

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    have u managed to downgrade?

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    Advice for all those non-developer's.


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    I downgraded to 3.0.

    I had to install Windows through Parallels and run Quickpwn for it to work but it let me restore from my backup.

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    so nobody has downgraded on OS X?
    I deleted my windows partition yesterday! Slightly annoying.
    Plus I tries using redsnow and it just got stuck at downloading jailbreak data like someone else said...

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    I thought upgrading to 3.1 beta also upgrades your baseband...

    Perhaps 3.0 won't run properly on the new baseband? What is your baseband now btw?

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    I have done this multiple times on a PC and it only relies on the iTunes version. Is should be the same process. Downgrade in iTunes 8.2 and it will error out. Remove iTunes 8.2 and install 8.1.1 and downgrade again. It will still error. Close iTunes.

    Load Quickpwn Beta 5 and it will say you need to reboot the phone. After it reboots, close quickpwn when you get the emergency call screen on the iphone. You do not need to go through the QuickPWN process.

    Load iTunes and it will say you need to upgrade to 8.2 to use the phone . Upgrade iTunes and your phone will connect to set it up.

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    Did it earllier on my Mac and with itunes 8.2

    Got the custom ipsw if someone wants it.

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    I would like the step to DG to 3.0. Using OS X as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dthomas View Post
    I was able to restore it to the 3.1 ipsw but when it was finally done I got this:

    That's because your phone isn't registered in the dev program.
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