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Thread: anyone having issues with making/recieving calls?

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    Default anyone having issues with making/recieving calls?
    ok so i'm j/b with redsnow and unlocked with ultra on 3.0 with tmobile, but i've been having a random issue with making/recieving calls...first time i j/b and unlocked it was working fine, but i screwed something up and had to restore and j/b again...after the second time, everytime i tried to open the phone app it would crash to the i did it all over again and the app works now, but i'm having a new issue...every so often someone will call me, i can connect to the call, but my speaker is dead i can't hear or talk to them and when i go to call them back, again i can connect but don't hear anyting...i have to reboot the phone to fix this issue...anyone else experience this? all i have as far as third party apps is sbssettings, catagories and winterboard...i never had this happen on 2.2....

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    I'm having this same problem except I'm using the factory carrier. I popped my sim card out and then it worked for a short while but went back to not working again. For me it's pretty much every call this happens. Any chance you figured this out?

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    i thought i was the only one!!! do you get the frozen "Slide to answer" screen and when you do the top has "Return to call" bar then disappears and you have a missed call/vmail?? i also found the only fix was restarting the phone completely! other than that, no sound on my end. i've been cursing up a storm when i return their call! HAHA

    p.s. No redsnow here, i used custom IPSW via Pwnage Tool. i too have categories & winterboard
    p.s.s. there's another thread on this

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    The other thread is
    if anyone is wondering...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josheesh View Post
    The other thread is
    if anyone is wondering...
    yeah i didn't realize there was a thread about this already...problem is mine doesn't just happen with a missed call, it will just happen whenever it feels like, kinda getting annoying


    yes that is EXACTLY what happens to mine, someone calls speakers go blank, can't hang up the call, just get the green bar noticing one of the more common app that people with this problem have installed is winterboard and sbssettings...maybe it's one of those??? maybe i'll have to go a few days without winterboard and see what happens

    Update: i restored, re/jb and unlocked...i kept winterboard and catagories off the phone, but put sbsettings back on...been 24hrs now with no problem...i'll start adding those two back one by one and see if it happens again...
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