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Thread: [Guide] To get your 3GS iBSS certificate for possible jailbreak

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    ^ that worked for me! thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickswagger View Post
    ^ that worked for me! thanks
    no problem, that b/s plagued me for 3 days, then i was like "cmnd + click" for a restore works, i wonder if command forced it to do a restore, why not a download... lol

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    got the cert, all went fine.

    strange that something this important relating to a 3GS jailbreak is not front page news on modmyi and other iPhone sites........

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    Quote Originally Posted by simes6600 View Post
    got the cert, all went fine.

    strange that something this important relating to a 3GS jailbreak is not front page news on modmyi and other iPhone sites........
    Iv been thinking the same thing.

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    thank you for taking the time of explaining the usbview. your awsome!

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    It should be on the front page. I will mention it in the next board meeting

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    Got mine, no trouble. Thanks! Now to wait for the JB...

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    Just curious, is the file just a plain small file with the file name being purplera1n-(your #)? Or did my Safari screw up on the downloading?

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    That should be it. That's what mine says.

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    I noticed nobody has asked yet, probably because it's a stupid question especially since the thread title clearly states '3GS' --- but here goes anyway . Don't flame me - ok?

    Is there an ECID number on older iPhones (2G, 3G) ? .... and if so, would it ever be necessary to retrieve and get the iBSS certificate?

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    No it's for 3GS only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo313 View Post
    found this on geohot's blog

    On the iPhone

    Apple has added a new layer of security to the iPhone 3GS. I mentioned it several posts earlier; it's the ECID field. When iTunes starts the restore process, they contact Apple servers to generate signatures just for your device. It's important you get these signatures for your phone before a new version of the software comes out. I had previously suggested doing this by dumping usb while the iPhone restores. But this is complicated.

    Fortunately, the good folks at purplera1n are here for you, the end user who wants a jailbreak. Follow these instructions to generate a unique certificate for your phones iBSS. And don't delay, Apple may change their minds. To clarify, this is instead of a usb dump. Do this, and you are good!

    Step 1. put phone in recovery mode.
    turn phone off, hold down home button while pluging your phone into computer. iTunes will come up and say it needs to be restored before it can be used. just click ok. The screen on your phone should look like this

    Step 2. Using usbview on Windows(enable Config Descriptors), System Profiler on Mac, or lsusb on Linux, read your phones ECID. It's the 16 digit hex number after "ECID:"

    Step 3. Go to purplera1n, type in the ECID in the box and hit enter

    Step 4. Save the generated file for a purplera1nyday...
    Step 5. after your done press power till phone reboots.

    usbview for windows

    on mac use system Profiler. it might not show up in system profiler until you click (ok) in iTunes after you put phone in recovery mode.
    Thanks that made sense.

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    i did the steps on the main page, but when i copied the ECID # into the box on the website, i hit enter and it has been "loading" page for like 5-10 minutes now. is this normal?

    im on a mac, have a 3gs, not sure whats going on...

    *** edit** refreshed it and pasted again and i got a text file with purplera1ny day- 1234xxxxxxxxxxxx as the title
    when i open the text file it is just a bunch of jumbled characters, is that normal?
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    I bought my 3Gs on the day it was released and I haven't restored it since.

    I got ECID for my 3Gs but it's not 16 digit #, it contains letters as well

    is that normal?? or dose that mean my ECID save won't work in the future?


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    It should be 16. A bunch of zeros then numbers and leters

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    Where can I get USBView?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZipZapp View Post
    Where can I get USBView?
    there is a link on the first post

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    I have a problem. I followed the instructions and got the ECID and plugged into purpler1an hit enter but never got any file. I'm on a windows system tried both internet explorer and firefox but nothing please someone help me.

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    Ok, as easy as this seems I have screwed up. I did not catch the little box deal at the bottom. I imstead ran purple rain and it updated my phone.

    I am not sure what it did to the phone. It rebooted and all seems do I undo this purple rain as I do not want a jailbroker phone???

    BTW I did get the purple rain file with my eCID....I see the "Freeze" application. If I delete it is it no harm no foul?
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