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Thread: Weather Icon not working after 3.0 upgrade

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    Default Weather Icon not working after 3.0 upgrade
    I know it says in the sticky that Weather Icon works on 3.0, but it's not doing anything for me. I've removed and re-installed via Cydia a few times and nothing seems to work - No updated temp on the icon or the status bar.. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Same problem for me. Just says 0.

    Oh well, I'm sure they'll be updating it soon. (I hope)

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    If you were using it before, did you restore or upgrade to 3.0 ?

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    Same problem for me, but I don't even get the degrees showing in the icon or status bar.

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    same here...
    an update will be gooodd

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    Yep, worked prior to the upgrade to 3.0 - I did the upgrade and restored my cydia apps and it doesn't work at all - not even a 0 degree on the icon or status bar...

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    same here, sucks I really used the hell out of that feature!!!

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    There has been an update to WeatherIcon. v. 2.1.10
    It just isn't in the normal repositories.
    I just loaded WeatherIcon 2.1.10. And it DOES work in 3.0!

    I turned on the Status bar image and temp, and I only see the Temp, but hey, it's working! Also, the Icon has the correct temp displayed. I'll have to wait until tonight to see if the image changes though.

    Just add David Ashman's source in Cydia and it will be there. Version 2.1.10

    One thing though, after installing, Cydia informed me I had to respring. My phone came back in Safe Mode. So I restarted the phone and everything is working fine now!


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    I've just tried the 2.1.10 version with no luck, but recently they updated to 2.1.11.

    i also tried with same result. No image, no number..
    I don't have installed Winterboard , this should't have notthing to do with, isn't?

    Now Works!
    i turn off the "Override location" that i used
    and then works!

    I have on Fizz weather also!

    thanks for the info Spydertech!!
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    Glad you got it working!

    I hated having to go into the weather apps to see the current temps, now I don't have to!

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    the only thing that i don't see is the status bar icons. Do you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pablogiorgini View Post
    the only thing that i don't see is the status bar icons. Do you?
    I have read that if your using the apps, MCleaner or iBlacklist that it causes a problem with the status bar temp and Icon. Not certain this is your problem, just passing it on.

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    thanks for the info. not my case

    anyone can confirm if this work with images?

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    When I first loaded the new version, I could get the temp to show up, but no icons. I loaded the Klear WeatherIcon theme in Winterboard, and then both showed up. But not until the icon changed from day to night.

    But having them both on caused problems for me. Since I am using SBSettings to show date and time on the status bar, and I have the numerical battery, and the battery icon on the status bar, having temp and icon really messed things up. There just wasn't enough room.

    So I turned off the icon (after all, I can tell if it is day or night by looking out the window, or at least looking at the clock). I left the temp on the status bar, and that still gets messed up if the missed call, SMS, and email notifications are all on the status bar. There just isn't room for everything I want!

    One other thing I noticed in 2.1.10 (I haven't tested it 2.1.11) is that no matter what WeatherIcon setting I change, I MUST respring BEFORE exiting the Settings screen, or the changes won't take. The WeatherIcon settings screen says I have to respring if I change what app I'm going to use the WeatherIcon with, but I have to respring for EVERYTHING. It isn't a big deal, but it took me a while to figure it out....

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    hi guys, newbie here and been following this thread since i jailbreak'd my 3G lol..

    anyway, this is what i've experienced so far - they have version 2.1.13 now which i dloaded...i have fizz weather and turned override location off and image on status bar off (can never get that one to work)

    ..the current temp would show up, but if you have to respring the temp would disappear, but i've found you just simply open fizz weather (or whatever app you use) and the temp will show up again

    now my problem is, i have the orbz theme and for some reason weathericon is overriding the icon and resetting it to the original icon...anybody know how i can switch it back to the orbz icon? i already tried SSH the orbz theme icons and it won't work

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