curious... I had my original iphone 3G jailbroken...

I sold that phone today so I could purchase the new 3Gs.

I unjailbroke my iphone 3G today before selling it and wiped the phone to clear the data for the new owner.

All of my updates/photos during the period of using my phone while jailbroken weren't saved it appears (though when jail broken I could see all the photos in iphoto)

so, I can't find the last month's worth of photos from my original iphone...

I plugged in my brand new phone, and told it to restore from the last backup, but the last backup held by itunes is from pre-jail breaking.

is there anyway to find the source files and find all the photos that taken while my previous phone was jailbroken? I've heard that the source files for the backups might show where those photos are stored on my computer?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.