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Thread: Unlocking to Study Abroad

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    Default Unlocking to Study Abroad
    Hey there, modmyi. I obviously haven't been around here long, but I figured this would be the best place to get a personal answer to my question.

    In August, I'm traveling to Paris to study for 6 months, and don't want to be without my iPhone. The basic gist of my question is, how do I make this happen?

    I've got an iPhone 3G with firmware version 2.2.1 (5H11), and modem firmware 02.30.03. It's been jailbroken but not unlocked. My uneducated guess was that I could unlock it, go to France and buy a SIM card over there, but as far as specifics go, I'm completely blank.

    Is my phone unlockable? Will it be by August? Will it be if I upgrade to 3.0? Does my plan make sense? If I buy a prepaid card over there, will I be able to use data as well? Can you recommend a phone company that will do all of this?

    I know I must sound terribly newbish, and at least one of you will tell me to do an internet search, but I find it's easier to sift through the bullcrap (keywords like 'unlock iphone GSM' tend to reveal less-helpful-than-spammy results) if I ask the gurus themselves. So, here's hoping you can help me out. The thought of going six months without my lovely toy is less than pleasant.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Check the news page (home page) for a thread about "UltraSn0w" being released actually today. It will unlock your phone so can buy a simcard over there and use it. You can also upgrade to 3.0.

    Welcome to MMi.

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    Sweet, thanks! In terms of prepaid SIM cards and all that, how does it work? Do you know of a way to get an unlimited data plan for such a short amount of time? If not, is there a way to turn off just cellular network data without turning off wi-fi?

    Just hoping someone around here has had the same experience...

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    Most prepaids (in my experience) wont come with data, so you may have to resort to using WIFI only. But wifi has nothing to do with cellular data so your good.

    However carriers in Paris may work differently with respect to data services on prepaid.

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